• how can I apply for a job?

    You can visit our website or contact with human resources department.
  • What are the ambulance station ?

    There are 74 points ambulance cover all areas in the emirate of Dubai and ensure access in the fastest time possible.
  • What courses are DCAS provide?

    Can be found via the website choose from the main menu "services" and then "Services Ambulatory training and awareness," And of course you can visit our main building or call the number 04292222 for more information.
  • What is smart ambulance?

    To be all ambulances under surveillance, and can provide therapy and treatment remotely by communicating with the most important hospitals in the Emirate of Dubai and provide necessary treatment until the arrival of the patient to the hospital.
  • What is the first responder car?

    The first responder car supposed to reach the scene first before the ambulance, in order to aid accident and to save what can be saved until the ambulance arrives.
  • What is the working hours in HQ?

    Working hours in the main building from 7:30 until 2:30 pm.
  • What the process of covering special ev

    You can download the smartphone app or visit our website by selecting from the main menu "services" and then "non-emergency ambulance services," for more information, contact us 042922222
  • Where is HQ located?

    The building is located in the main road, Warsan 3 ST, heading to Hatta Oman road. You can click on the “Contact Us” to show in google map.

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