CEO Message

Khalifa Hassan Aldrai

Dear Visitor:

On behalf of the Dubai Corporation For Ambualnce Services, we welcome your visit to our new website on the Internet. Our aim is to present you with the latest information and updates on ambulance services provided to the community. It is our hope therefore, that you address the issues raised herein, by checking our “List of Services”, which we always and constantly seek to develop, upgrade and provide the latest services relevant to the concept of emergency medicine on regular basis. In fact, we consider all visitors to this website truly our strategic partners in the process of development and improvement of pre-hospital health care services.

It is our hope, through the launching of this website, and your frequent visitation thereto, that we maintain communication and exchange of information and views. Your active participation and constructive criticism is highly valued, and is greatly appreciated. Let us hear from you, whether in writing or in person, you’re always welcomed.

It is indeed a great honor to be of service to you round the clock, and to wish you good health and safe stay.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Khalifa Hassan Aldrai

Executive Director

Dubai Corporation Ambulance Services​​​​​

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