Application for a Professional License

Regulation of Ambulance Services
خدمات تنظيم خدمات الإسعاف

​​​​​​Service Description​


A Professional License is a Card authorized and issued by DCAS Ambulance Regulation Services that allows an individual to legally practice in Dubai as EMT, Paramedic, Advance Paramedic, Air Paramedic, Marine Paramedic, FA Instructor, Advance Life Support Instructor, or Medical Dispatcher.

Dataflow Company, in agreement with DCAS, shall verify all documents to make sure that the applicant has attained the degree of competency and met educational requirements necessary to ensure that the public health, safety, and welfare are reasonably well-protected.

DCAS shall schedule written and practical examinations to applicants while waiting for the Dataflow results which could take up to 30-days. Professionals are issued to individuals who passed the DCAS examinations with the Positive Dataflow result.


1. Apply online 2. Choose the service 3. Customer upload the required documents 4. ARS review/approval/need more documents/rejection 5. Payment 6. Assessment. 7.Issue License

Documents Required​

Fill up all the details of the Application Form and submit all required documents.


Assessment of the application for a Professional License AED 150
Written and oral exam for professionals ( normal)   AED 200
Written and oral exam for professionals ( urgent)   AED 1000
Ambulance Driver License AED 300
Emergency Medical Technician License AED 800
Paramedic License AED 1300 
License For advanced Paramedic, First aid Instructor, Advanced Life support Instructor  AED 1800
knowledge fees 10 
Innovation fees 10 

More details, contact on. 2922236, or email at​

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