Events Coverage

Non-Emergency Ambulance Services
خدمات الإسعاف غير الطارئ

​A service of providing ambulance services to cover any event for any requester with a prior service request.

Service Description

Providing ambulance services for all events and activities(social, sport, entertainment, exhibition or conference) in Dubai which require availability of ambulance service to respond to any expected injury during events. .

Service provider

Activities Coverage and Patients Transfer Section.


Organizations in public and private sectors requiring ambulance car and crew as a medical support for their activities (social, sport, entertainment, exhibition or conference).

Service location

Location previously agreed with the requester.

Service requirements

Sending service request form from  or by fax to 042922229.

Service charges

500 dirhams per car per hour, 200 dirhams per medic per hour

Service response time

5 working days to respond to requester.

How to apply for service

  • Sending requests by fax
  • Studying request and checking if it complies to DCAS standards.
  • Preparing quotation for the request.
  • Visiting the event’s site after quotation’s approval to check entrance and exit of ambulance car and all requirements for ambulance crew to provide proper working environment to meet DCAS’s goals.
  • Providing service after full payment of agreed charges.
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